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Useful Babysitting Tips #ParentingChildren

Useful Babysitting Tips #ParentingChildren

Babysitting can be a rewarding and fulfilling job in terms of enjoyment, responsibility as well as payment. If you are on the lookout of some extra money and have time on your hands, you can offer to babysit and help out parents in need.

However, babysitting is not an easy task. It involves dealing with all kinds of children and keeping them calm and safe while they are in your care. You must remember that you are being paid to interact with the child and therefore, stay away from watching television or playing with your phone when you are babysitting.

Here are a few babysitting tips that will help you engage with children and make the most of your responsibility:

Connect with conversations - it is vital to strike the right cord with children if you are going to be spending time with them. Ask about their hobbies, take interest in their likes and dislikes and get to know them better. This will help you connect on a friendly level and make your job much easier.

Discipline is crucial - While you would want to be a fun babysitter, it is equally important to discipline the children, especially if you are a full-time sitter. Children usually behave differently in the absence of their parents and therefore, it is the responsibility of the sitter to discipline the child wisely.Add some fun - The best way to make your job easier and keep children happy is to indulge in babysitting activities and keep children occupied with something innovative to do. This will also act as a learning exercise and give a creative edge to your job. You can also research some fun babysitting games that can be played when the kid gets bored or needs a break from studying.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst - This is especially important for emergencies. No babysitting tips can prepare you for an emergency but it is crucial to stay calm and have all information ready. You must write down numbers of parents, relatives or friends staying close by, the paediatrician, etc. and use them when required. Also, remember that parents always find out if something is wrong with their child. So if there has been an accident while babysitting, do not try to hide it.

Be positive - This is really important when you are trying to inculcate values in children. Use a positive language when you are giving instructions or want to express criticism towards bad behaviour. It is always encouraging to hear what kids should do rather than what they shouldn't do.

Know that children are observing you - You must remember that you are a role model when you are spending time with children. They will imitate your behaviour and therefore, you must try your best to be kind, polite, gentle and patient. Also, you must smile and laugh as much as possible to keep them happy. Lead a good example to raise a good child!

By involving kids in some fun babysitting activities and teaching good habits, you can definitely become exceptional in your job and raise wonderful children who have a great future!

Source: Bijayani Swain @MotherZone

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Rochkirstin Santos said...

I'm really not good when it comes to babysitting. I don't know what to do when a baby starts to cry. I think they're very delicate and hard to interact with if they still haven't learned how to talk. :(

Sumi Go said...

I haven't tried babysitting yet, but I'm actually looking into being a hands-on mom when I become one. Thanks for these tips, they're definitely useful not just in terms of babysitting but also in interacting with smaller children. :)

Franc said...

It's really important to be positive with kids and yet let them know who's in control.

lalalaPatricia said...

Baby sitting is hard if you don't own the kid/s. As for my experience, before I had my kids I really hate everytime I hear the baby cries and all that but when I had my 1st baby I put all the effort and wants all the best for my kid. But honestly it's not easy to baby sit and what worse if you have no patience, you might think of anything that could hurt the baby.

Mommy Levy said...

I love babies, but I don't think I can take care of other people's baby. It's hard. I'll keep your tips in mind for future reference though.

Badet Siazon | The Misis Chronicles said...

I think the most important babysitting tip is that you must like or love kids. You can't work as a babysitter if you're only after the money.

dorry lyn said...

to keep baby sitting successful, the secret ingredient is just LOVE

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